Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby for breakfast.

Heather crossed the line.... she didn't even just cross it, she ran full speed across it; she didn't even have time to see the line she was sprinting so fast.

We were talking about getting prego and i told her and Stacie that i wouldn't even know if i was prego because i only have my period every 2 or three months. How would i know if i was prego or not? Stacie pointed out that even if i got prego i would probably miss cary cause i party like a sailor in the winter time. But if i didn't even know that i was prego to start with, how would i know that i miss carried. Heather thinks that if it was in the first couple months it would just be a heavy period but if it's any later than that then i would probably have a still born..... you would be sitting on the toilet and woah,, you poop out a baby. That would be wierd cause then you would be like "man! i don't even remember having baby for breakfast!!!"

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