Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mission mirage accomplished

OMW back. We have 2 hours down and only 14 more to go.
This has been one really long week and no I’m ready for a vacation. But it was a nice break from all the boys [even though Nathan and Will were both there] I didn’t have a bunch of guys asking me on dates or asking me to be their gf. I have come to a decision. I think pretty much all of the boys are really nice guys and I’m pretty sure I know what their intentions are. I don’t know what it is that guys actually want relationships with me. Even guys that have always been interested in fun laid back [and unserious] flings are actually wanting to commit to me. But, while I think guys like J thunder and Nate are totally awesome, I’m really not interested in being part of their lessons learned. I know they are capable of having a relationship, but I don’t want to be the one for them to learn how to treat a girl or persue a girl. I think Jessie is pretty cool, but ive already got A guy chasing me that I trust. I am not quit ready to commit to Will, but I am well on my way and I’m not going to lead a guy like Jessie on when I know that right now his chances are slim.
Speaking of will…. He told me something interesting yesterday. I was still practically asleep when I heard him say something but I was so asleep that I couldn’t tell if he had actually said anything at all so I asked him if he had said something. “ I said I love you Brittany Moore”
Woah. I knew he did, but I didn’t see that coming. And I didn’t know what to say back so I rolled over and went back to sleep.
Yesterday night and told me he had something he wanted to tell me but he didn’t want it to freak me out. “Ok. Let me get ready” deep breath. “ok. Lets hear it.” I wasn’t really sure what he was going to say. In the back of my head I thought it might be something about the early conversation, if you can call it that. The senerios were running through my brain.
“I been thinking about it all day and I think I love you.” Ok… Some how he had forgotten about what he had said that morning, I guess he had been asleep too. I sill didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. I just gave him a kiss and then went back to what I was doing.
I don’t know how he could love me. I don’t know how he could know me enough to love me…. That’s the second guy in the past 2 months that has told me he loves me – I don’t know whats wrong with the boys! I don’t know what it is that seems to be driving them crazy. There are plenty of deacent and attractive girls that don’t have any boys chasing them, so why me? What have I done that makes me so different other than the fact that I am just plain weird [which as far as I can remember has never been a good thing or especially an attractive trait.]

Well, Hot stew was beautiful at her wedding [that’s now her name since we can’t call her hooper anymore. She was dark and her makeup was beautiful and the décor was so simple and absolutely breathtaking and then the whether was amazing and the waves were the perfect accent. The reception was just as beautiful. The star fish center pieces, blue silk flowing around them and accented by champaign and gleeful faces.

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