Thursday, September 18, 2008

.Christopher's mark.

Human misery must somewhere have a stop:
There is no wind that always blows a storm.
~Euripides ~

It’s easy to think we’ll always be in the same boat, that our characters are fixed, our habits unalterable. “This is who I am. You can take me or leave me.” I know that when I find myself saying words to myself or thinking in this way, I often mean, “When you know who I really am, you will leave me.” This is the ultimate position of the Addict

No one is predestined to be a certain person or to behave in a particular way. No one stops growing and changing either. We have to have faith in the immense possibilities of movement and growth.

Life itself is more than winds and storms. It can be calm, changeable, hot, dry, mellow, promising, gloomy, bright, serene and even phenomenal; and we can match its immense diversity of moods. For we are a part of life, part of all this wondrous change and diversity and if we are not afraid to let ourselves go a bit, we can be as variable and flexible as life itself.

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