Sunday, September 28, 2008

another day is coming

The Cilling is a shadow of leaves and the only lights are the freckles that paint the sky. The rest of the world is gone and the stars on the ground are just as mesmerizing as the freckles in the sky. When i turn out my own lights i am enswamped in a world unknown to man, a world so beautiful that my own mind can't encase the memory. All that exist is darkness and still the simplicity can't be discribed, can't be contained. After hiking for nearly an hour, the sound of people has faded and a strange music fills the air. I always feared the dark, the unkown; but now i find the music comforting, so comforting that i could confuse it with The sound of God's voice. It is a sound so un-human that i can barely bring myself to interupt but i know that with the night cold will come and a fire needs to be built. As we break limbs and collect dry leaves the tree directly above us sings the chorus. The fire doesn't catch quickly but He is able to get it started and the shadows around us soon dance to the song's beat. Our conversation seems so casual in the light of the music and the sound of my own voice sounds rasp in comparion to the beauty of everything around me. As we lie in the glow of the fire i can't help but stare. We only just met less than a week ago but already it feels like i've known him my entire life. This stranger already feels like one of my bestfriends and strangly enough i have to fight to keep from liking him. It's nearly the stroke of the dawn when we started out that night and his randomness and freedom strokes desires within me. But i know that it will only take time before i can overcome this feeling. I think we will be good friends and i can't let feelings of lust ruin an evening so beautiful. As i push those feelings back, my own control is won and i realize how amazing the earth around me is. As i finally begin to give in to the sleep that has already overcome my senses the music begins to fade and the trees tire of dancing.. When Morning comes there will be more celebrating as another day begins.

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