Friday, March 28, 2008

There are no worries today.

This is a song for Cerrin:

Let's get up and dance today.
72 and the sun is shinning bright [outside]

I put on my shorts
Pick up my board and skate away.

Who has cares when life is rolling on.
No boys, no school, no stress will stop this day from coming.

Stop and smell the roses on my way
Pick up some coffee and then move on.

Don't worry bout anything today.
it will be good all along.

There are problems in this life,
but who cares, not me...
I'm leaving mine behind..
they can go soak up the sun. cause i just don't care.
Its a good day any day you choose.
Lets laugh and fly away.

The skies are blue and the sun is warm.
There are no worries today.

Ice cream sundays and soccer practice...
what more could you ever need or want
what more could make a day.

I sit here on the rooftop looking into the sky
Dreaming of white rabbits and white dragons on blue.
I know this day is good because of God.

Who needs anything more.
more than this? i don't know.

The radio ontop my desk play out this song.
songs of heartbreak and love.

but this day is blue and the skies are bright
and my life song is of wings.

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