Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The introduction to my life:

I suppose i can start with my name. My name is Beemo. As of today i am 19 years and 9 months and 6 days old. If you were to ask me my life story i would tell you that it was in that making, my life is pretty silly and so are everyone of my friends.

Snowy: She is my chinchilla that i got for my 11th birthday. She has gone through every move with me, She really liked raisins and Cerrin would always spoil her crazy with them. Snowy died exactly two weeks ago and i still cry myself to sleep.

TP: We rode the bus together since sixth grade but never actually talked. Our jr year of hs She became the swim team manager and we became friends. After HS we shared a home and most of our clothes. She is the one that got me started in Skateboarding. She was the only person that i ever cried freely in front of. She was my first Best friend.

Cerrin: We crossed paths in the sixth grade. We met through summer league swim team and were instant friends, if not instantly close. She moved away in my eighth grade and came back my Jr year. We are both pretty silly but when you put us together in the same room we were just crazy. I never fit in with the rest of the world and when i was with her it didn't matter. She became the girl i could have a good party with, but never a person i could cry in front of. She taught me how to let go of the rest of the world.

Hoops: She is just as silly as the rest of the characters in my life. Our friendship started before hello. I asked her about her day and she told me about my life. And we were friends. We met in small group when she was going through her confusing times.. She let me listen to her problems and she would listen to mine. She was the one that could understand my dilemmas because she was one of the few that share my beliefs.

Mr. Bear: The love of my life. I can't say too much because this is a complicated story. I didn't fall in love with him at first sight. We were friends. We went skateboarding together. We became best friends.... or at least he became mine. He opened up with me and i fell in love with him. He met every single requirement, i mean EVERY SINLE REQUIREMENT that i ever had for a boy. As of today it has been 13 months since the day i fell in love with him. He moved to 6 hours away and it broke my heart. I keep thinking that time will mend my broken heart, but now i realize that that is not true. Closure would make it easier, but he says that he loves me and hopes i am taking care of myself. It will happen someday... just not today.

There are other people that have come and gone in my life but these are the ones that run through my life.
Of course there is also me: I am just a silly girl with random hobbies and a stranger than fiction goal. i've played every sport you can think of - i was on the swim team for most of my life, i played soccer for a couple years and softball for a couple summers, I took up powerlifting in HS and have two world records and some crazy stories, and like trying to skateboard; my most recent sport of choice is rugby. My goal in life is to change the world. I have a list of random goals such as dancing in the rain and a new years kiss. I started playing the violin in second grade but hate practicing and so i never got very good. I am the most eclectic person you will ever meet and i have a lot of jobs. I am a teacher, lifeguard, and swim coach. I live in a loft apt above a hair salon and i have an addiction to writing blogs and eating ice cream. So my life is actually pretty boring, but defently not ordinary and while my life story is still being written i am always aspiring for a good plot line. and this is my life.

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