Thursday, August 30, 2007

My art. My masterpiece.

I respect my body. I love my body. It has become my masterpiece. I have spent my entire life perfecting it and i will NOT soil it. I almost KNOW that he was trying to get me into bed and i’m not having it. Maybe he was only hoping to grope e, but i am not playing that game. My body is God’s and i will not soil it. No guy is going to see me naked or grope me or feel me up. I am going to my mirage bed a pure and innocent, un-soiled masterpiece. i have spent my entire life eating healthy and working out to keep my body georgeous. I want to be the perfect gift to my husband and to God. Sin is out side of our bodies, but sexual imorality is with in our bodies, with in God’s temple. I will NOT defile God’s temple simply to meet my own desires. If any guy thinks he is going to cross those lines or defile my body then he has thought WRONG. I will not allow any guy to soil this gift that i have worked so hard to presurve. My body is an art and a gift and i will keep it that way until the day that i say I DO.

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