Monday, March 16, 2015

KC, MO. Strong Bond Marriage retreat.

I will and always have been a strong supporter of marriage counseling and marriage retreats and basically anything to strengthen a marriage.

This past weekend, Patrick's military group put on a marriage retreat.  It was an all covered trip to Kansas City.

It was good.  These classes were... well, classes.  I say that, but they weren't overwhelming boring or anything like that.   However, the trip gave us a chance to get away from everything else and just be together.

It was a blast...  They wouldn't let us in lego land because we don't yet have a child and i guess our unborn child doesn't count yet :(  Patrick took it like a champ.   We did get to go to sea land, an indoor water park (too many unsupervised children for me), and a fondue factory and we got to hang out with some other really awesome couples.  It was a blast.

We did get to go to the lego store even though we couldn't go to lego land.

the stingrays and sharks didn't make it into the photo...

Overall, it was a blast.


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