Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How far i've come

I know i have not been married super long yet, but the difference are still amazing.
Even when i look at my past relationships at this time,  it was nothing like this.

I hate to be all mushy gooshy, but the unconditional love that is so easy to give and get is amazing.  It reminds me of the relationship i had with my father as a child.

It has been a long time since i had that same, unflawed, innocent, care for someone.
Even in the middle of my womanly irrational moodiness or his manly inconssiderate stubbornness, the care for each other gets us through it.  It's amazing.

All of the history i've been through, and this is undoubtedly still amazing to me.

I'm getting old and emotionally maturing and i am completely ok with that - which only makes me feel that much older : )


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