Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making a move...

Once again, i am moving.  However, i feel very optimistic about it.  I am moving in with a military dude that drives a harley.  

It will not only be good to live with someone that seems cool that i disagree with, but i will have the opportunity to respect someone else's space without the confines spaces.

I am really excited about all of it.

There is no way that i could afford to live on my own, but with this opportunity. i can.

Another point:  I am financially solid enough that i would NEVER back out on an agreement, even if it meant selling everything i have or even myself to keep up with my bills.  However,  for some reason (other than that i can afford this price)  i feel very secure about this agreement (financially).

I know i've already said it... but i am really excited about living with someone that clearly has different thoughts and lifestyle than i do.   I think we'll get along swell : )

Now i'm just rambling, so i'm gonna leave it at that.

Wish me luck

ps.  This is a small space, so i have a design blog or two coming along....

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