Monday, June 24, 2013

Job hunting again

I am on the search for a better job again.  I loved my job because i kept thinking that if i worked hard enough, something would come of it.  The problem is i've busted my butt and they still can't see my efforts.   I can't keep up with what they want and they don't even seem to care that they are impossibly high Maintenance.
My goal is to get my Water Safety Instructor training so that i can life guard up in the good Alaska.

Speaking of Lifeguarding,  I was waitressing at my second job yesterday and there was a customer that looked just like this dude i knew back in IL.  I couldn't stop staring until he finally asked me where i was from... my response:   "YOURE FROM CARBONDALE TOO!!!!??"  So i'm in Alaska, and i am still running into people i know - weird!

And as far as my new job waitressing - I love it.  They are starting me on the bar backing schedule next week and i'm excited.

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