Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Big kid jobs

As i've mentioned before, I got a job at Everts Air. It was long after that, i got promoted to HR clerk and through that, HR assistant. Its been part time HR and part time reception. Starting next week i will be full time HR assistant. I never thought i would have so much to look forward to in a big kid gig. After all that i went through growing up with school and not wanting to go through school and everyone thinking that i need to go through school i am more proud of the fact that i've gotten where i am without a degree than the actual job by itself.

My mother is finally proud of me... I'm married, working a real job, and on my own...... Shes just proud that i'm not some failure which is what she was expecting... Thx mom, thx.

But with all of that aside. I think big kid jobs are a little over rated.... It is just like high school all over again. The only way to move up is to please the right people. If you don't make it a goal of your job to please them you will never make it. I told my husband this yesterday followed by "OMG I"M TURNING INTO A POLITICIAN!!!" I guess i can now see where politicians are created. The only way to make it anywhere is to please the right people and say the right thing..... guess i'm a politician.

As much as i like the money and like being able to get along with the people i converse with every day, I pray this doesn't carry over into my real life. I am making it a serious decision every day to stay real to myself despite my job.

Summary... I love my job (kind of). I love the fact that i've, once again, proven the world wrong and moved up without having to go to school. I love the money i'm making. I do NOT want the necessities of a work force to shape who i am as a person.

wish me luck because i am too free spirited to live in a box and i don't know how that will work with my work force (I'm hoping if i stay long enough i will earn the freedom to live like myself.
Good luck : )

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