Friday, January 04, 2013

An unexceptable experience: tsa.

Christmas travels are over, and tsa is on a road not home. I always been a critic against tsa, but even I doubted some of the horrid stories I heard about tsa. I assumed the stories were one sided and biased, probably even exaggerated or made up. After my run in with these "professional" guards, I've realized they're not guarding our freedom for us, but from us. When I chose to opt out of their scanners (and I gave them a health reason an not the real reason) I had to tell them multiple times before they began to listen as well as harass me for "not just going the easy route". When I told them I was opting out no matter what, I was the. Informed by an older gentleman that " it was ok, they like wen people prefere physical touch". Being stresses about my move across the country, I was already in a fragile state.... Imagine If I had a bad past or had been physically hurt, what that comment could have done to me.. And while I'm normally pretty tough, I hadn't seen my husband in over a month, I was officially leaving my parents for the first real time, I am a young twenties lady, traveling by myself and already nervous about opting out.

When a lady carrying a baby walked past I was told she didn't have to go through because she had a baby.... Right after they had just chewed me out about how safe it is. If it is so safe, why can't she go through with the baby? .... Yeah, that's what I thought.

While I know a lot of people had have worst experiences wih tsa, I now believe every bad story I hear about them. They are uneducated and unprofessional. I was already a critic, but now, I am officially and Anti advocate. The next time I fly, I will go to every extent to make their job as difficult as possible without doing anything wrong. I will never again be so easy the next time they choose me to harass. I've got my army boots on and I'm ready.


  1. Welcome to the molestation that is TSA.

    This is what happens when the sheep just let government get out of control

  2. Mr/Miss Anonymous...
    I concur! ... and thank you for the comment.