Saturday, December 08, 2012

Tattoo número 5

I've wanted this tattoo since before my first attempt at mirage. It is just so difficult to find artists that will do finger tattoos little lone on fingers as petite as mine... And if they do they charge 60plus dollars because its a finger tat. I found this artist in an unlikely place and was impressed by his affordable min. It's super small but at least I wasn't robbed for it... And now my ich for it is satisfied.

I was originally going to get a key hole and Steve a key, but I didn't think it looked as good on my finger... I liked "love" but thought it seemed to cliche and oogly... Then I saw the infinity symbol on the Internet and knew tht was what I wanted


  1. That is hideous

  2. Anonymous -

    You are welcome to your own opinion... but i'm really relieved that i got it for me and not for you, that would have been very disappointing for both of us ; )

    PS. Thank you for checking out my blog.