Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Im striking stupidity.

SIUC teachers are striking... that's fine, i think they should stand up for their rights (even if they're a little exagerated)  but that is not the point.  .... here's what is getting under my skin:  The newspaper this morning, both front page stories where on this strike, along with every other story in the paper (with the exception of the swim team article on the back page)  

While the teachers are picketing i'm doing my own strike.  I'm watching what is on tv, which is a talk show right now.  ... the topic:   over wore subjects.   1) internet slurs....   my opinion:  get over it.  There are all kinds of sites that you can vent on.  If there aren't sites such as the one they're talking about (one made just to vent about people who have cheated others)  then there is email, facebook, twitter, myspace.....   hard copies such as bulletin boards and word of mouth.     People who think things like facebook or even vent specific sites promote bad mouthing and slander  are, in my book, mistaken...  i could bad mouth anyone i want just by talking about them behind their backs or hunting down their significant other to spread gossip....   i just avoid mixing with dramatic people and internet slander and been eluded     2) well i already forgot the second topic,   they're already past it and it was clearly even more or less entertaining than topic numero 1.    This dude is rediculus.  (however that is spelt.)    who gives a crap...  It kind of reminded me of my ex (you all know who i am talking about)  I didnt deal with dramatic before, but after than dude i learned straight out how important it is to not EVEN put up with other people's problems.     so that's my picket for the day.... i'm striking stupidity.

over and out... i'm off to drink tea and meet my husband at the door (one man that is not dramatic and does simply rock my life :)

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