Sunday, June 27, 2010

live your own life... not mine.

I can't stand it when people follow everything i do and then judge me for it.   I also can't stand it when they think they know whats going on just because they read my post.  I vent on this page because it's mine and i can.   The people who follow me on here and on facebook - that's fine, but don't assume you know how i'm living just because of what you read here..... i put out the side of me that i want people to see..... i don't let them see the other sides.  I vent and share inspirations, but i don't ever share my real problems on a site where anyone can read it.... that's what private blogs and diaries are for.    So anyway... just a little vent after someone assumed way too much from a single sentence i wrote and then didn't even get the subject right..  And on that note:  I still love life, can't wait for FL.

and last weekend was fathers day:

Thanks dad for all the useful things you've taught me... especially that potty training thing - that's defently come in handy quite a few times. : )

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