Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Not another boring?

When I sat down to write today I wanted something different than the normal blog. I didn’t want to write the same old diary entry or the ordinary journal recording. I didn’t want some heart wrenching poem. When I look around at my life I know that I’m just like everyone else… Everyone has their good days and the bad. We all wake up sometimes throwing ourselves pity-parties. Sometimes we wake up with confedience and then there are the days when everything is content. The days we wake up content we still see the extra pounds or the ugly curve. We still know how socially akward we are or how boring we would be without outside inspiration… but none of that matters. Today, I’m not feeling content. I still remember my ugly hair days and I still struggle to do the right thing and today none of it matters, but content is not the word to personify my emotions. Inspired is almost a description of today’s mood, but even that is just a twinge off. I want to change the world, but today I realize that everybody else wants to do that same thing. Today I just want to be me. I enjoy the worn out wood floors that embraces my living room. They need refinished, but I like them just as they are. I like my mismatching furniture. I found all of it in the dumpster and while the sofa is upscale, club-ish and the chair is plaid, old manish and the coffee table looks like something from an antique shop; none of it fits together but it all fits me perfectly. Today I want to push myself in my own direction. I want to perfect my own personality in it’s own individuality. Today, I don’t want to be just like or completely different from everyone else; today, I want to be however i really am, without any accord to the rest of the world.

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