Thursday, April 17, 2008

Song along.

Punk. but not just punk. It''s more than punk. It's individual artistic punk, and a little earthy. I am not really like everybody else. Nothing about me is like everybody else.
I am done with endings. This can be done. I am a punk rock princess.
I am ready for the end of the beginning. Let's fly high. I am a tree hugging lover.
I am here and now. we're going to paint the sky together. I'm the artist's daughter.

Are you going to be waiting for when i do. When i do it.
What am i doing? Where am i going?
I am falling for you. Falling for you.
Rushing feelings fill my heart and my soul.
Are you. are you. are you going to be waiting for this.
I'm falling for you. I fell for you.
falling for you. falling for you.

City air fills my lungs.
it fills my heart and fills my soul
city lights they are my stars.
They fill my night time sky with light.

I can't let it go. let it go
You love fills my lungs.
It writes my life song.
It writes more than one bigging.
But every song i write stops short.
I can not finish even one.
It's you love, the same. No end.

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