Monday, May 07, 2007

Is he coming?

Does he know that he has broke my heart?
Does he even have a clue?
I love him.
He's made mistakes - he knows that.
I don't think that he has even considered me as anything more than a friend.
If he had ripped my hear in two, i would at least know where we stood.
The way it is, i may never know.
The way it is, i don't even know what to do with what i have.
I want to help him,
but i don't know how.
I can't live it for him,
i can't stand over him,
and i can't love him unless he lets me.
In my own world i love him.
Is it possible that this is how it will always be?

If he is not the one,
who is?
Will i ever find that one who charishes my life more than his won?
Will he love me and put me first?
How long will it be until he comes into my life?
Will he be smart?
What kind of person will i come to join?
Maybe he'll never come.
I will live my life with passion.
I will go on to change the world single handedly.

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